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Dr. Ronald Sniderman,

The Client

Dr. Sniderman operates an award winning dental practice in Cranston, RI. His practice has been offering quality dental care to the community for over 25 years. Dr. Sniderman, along with his exceptional staff are routinely listed as a top dental practice in RI.

Client's Goals

The Project

Their file server was in need of an upgrade because it did not meet the requirements for an upcoming version of the practice management software. While inspecting their network in preparation for the upgrade, we found that there was also a need for a more robust backup solution.

The existing backup system protected their vital patient data but did not include any of the applications or any of their workstations. This meant they could suffer extended downtime while all of the software discs and licenses were located and reinstalled before any of the backup data could be restored to the server. Due to the workstations being completely excluded from the backups, any data not saved to the server had the potential of being lost forever at any moment.

Dr. Sniderman immediately authorized a redesign of his backup infrastructure as soon as he was made aware of the current backup system’s shortcomings.

Our Solution

It began with selecting a new server to meet the requirements for their dental practice applications. During the server installation, Windows workgroup network was upgraded to a Microsoft Active Directory Domain. This allowed for simplified integration with future applications, as well as enhanced management and data security features.

An enterprise-grade backup solution was installed to complement their newly upgraded network. Safeguarding patient data has always been the top priority for Dr. Sniderman and his staff. This made Macrium Site Manager a great choice for the practice. We were also able to redeploy their old file server as a backup repository and management server to reduce the total cost for the project.

This new backup and network infrastructure has allowed Dr. Sniderman to have one of most data secure dental practices in the area. Their Macrium Reflect server stores over 30 days’ worth of restore for their servers as well as all of their exam room computers and workstations. The decision to backup workstations along with servers has reduced their disaster recovery downtime time from hours or even days to mere minutes.

Services Provided

We are grateful for the opportunity to enhance the technology of Dr. Sniderman’s dental practice. Call One Tech Solutions also continues to provide monthly maintenance and security patches for their equipment as well as on-demand support for the staff.


Improvements to the network infrastructure have allowed Dr. Sniderman and his staff to greatly increase daily productivity. The practice now has an industry leading backup system protecting their entire network. Lastly, their new file server will remain compatible with their dental practice software for years to come.