IT Services

Need an on-call IT specialist without the full-time cost? Our on-demand IT services offer diagnostics, system optimization, virus removal, data recovery, and more. We work around your schedule, providing expert support that fits your needs.

You can find information on some of the services we offer by browsing this list. Please contact us if you need a quote or require a solution that is not listed below.

If your computer or device is acting up, but you just can’t put your finger on the problem, we will run a complete diagnostic check on it for you. Our thorough diagnostic procedure will inspect all the key components of your equipment for damage or any indication of impending failure.

Remote Diagnostic Includes:

  • Potential virus/malware threat inspection
  • Basic hard drive inspection
  • Basic memory inspection

On-site/Pick-up Diagnostic Includes:

  • Potential virus/malware threat inspection
  • Advanced hard drive inspection
  • Advanced memory inspection
  • Power supply inspection
  • Case fans inspection
  • Courtesy computer dust removal/cleaning

Any diagnostic fee will be credited towards any services purchased to resolve issues found after our inspections.

With the amount of new products that are released every day, it can seem overwhelming trying to purchase the best hardware or software to fit your needs. You can trust the knowledgeable technicians at Call One Tech to help you choose the optimal solution for your budget. You will never need to visit your local electronics store and put all your faith in an underpaid sales representative with questionable experience and knowledge.

Consultation includes a technology interview where our technician will inspect your current equipment, ask you what your goals are and recommend the appropriate upgrades or products you will need.

If you need a whole network built or just want the fastest video card to play the latest games, we can save you hours of researching and stress.

Are you constantly being buried under pop-up ads? Has your Internet browser’s home page mysteriously changed to something you did not set or recognize? Has your computer just acting strange?

You are most likely the victim of a computer virus/malware infection. Countless variations of computer viruses and malware are known to exist in the wild and if your computer is not running up-to-date antivirus software, chances are your computer has been infected.

Dangers of Unresolved Virus/Malware Infections Include:

  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Identity Theft
  • Unreliable Computer Performance
  • Large Amounts of Pop-ups and Spam

Sometimes even updated versions of McAfee or Norton antivirus will not completely protect your PC from virus infection. Some viruses/malware are still able to infect your computer if it is not running the latest Microsoft Windows or application updates. Once installed, the virus will quietly disable your antivirus software to cover its tracks while it steals your information and damages your files. If your computer is infected the issue becomes much more than an annoyance because some malware will watch the websites you visit and record your keystrokes to potentially steal your bank account, credit card or other password-protected information.

Call One Tech will remove all viruses and malware on your computer, install up to date antivirus software and install operating system updates so your computer will stay protected

Your computer requires occasional maintenance, just like a car or any other piece of machinery. Over time, your computer can and will become cluttered with various pieces of data and files from the software that you have installed or even removed. This leftover data becomes scattered across your hard drive forcing your computer to work extra hard to sort through all the unused junk and find the data that you are actually looking for. Forcing your computer to work under these conditions not only causes slowdowns, but can lead to premature failure of your hard drive.

Call One Tech with our System Optimization services will run a complete check of your computer. We will optimize the data on your hard drive, audit startup programs, clean your registry, install operating system updates and remove unwanted programs that hurt your computer’s performance.

We will install or reinstall one application. Call One Tech Solutions does not advocate software piracy and will only install applications that you legally own or have purchased through our company. We are not responsible for any application that does not perform correctly if it is installed on a computer that does not meet the manufacturer’s minimum system requirements.

We will install one device on your computer such as a printer, video card, hard drive, network card, webcam, etc. Our service includes physical installation of the device, installation of the latest software and drivers as well as testing your device to ensure it is functioning properly.

The cost of hardware to be installed in not included in this service. While we will offer basic information on use of the newly installed hardware, extensive training with the hardware is not included with the installation. Installation of motherboards and replacing your main hard drive will include additional fees as they require the migration or reinstall of your operating system to be installed correctly.

If your operating system was corrupted, or has become painfully slow due to age or your computer needs a fresh installation, we can help you. Our service includes the installation of one operating system that you legally own and provide install discs media. This service does not include the cost of any operating system replacement discs or upgrades you may require. For additional fee, we will purchase an operating system or restore media for you.

We will install your operating system as well as the latest patches, drivers for all your supported hardware and a leading antivirus program. If you require files and applications to be copied and reinstalled onto your freshly installed operating system please see our data migration services.

If you are upgrading to a new computer or have used our Operating System Installation/Repair service, we can make sure all of your data is safely copied to your new computer or operating system install. Migration services include the copying of up to 100 GB of data such as your My Documents folder, iTunes library, Internet favorites, desktop, etc. The migration also includes installation of up to four applications that you legally own and provide install media for.

Discounts are available if this service is purchased with our Operating System Installation/Repair service.

If your worst fear has just happened and your computer will not boot up or you accidentally deleted some data from your hard drive, don’t panic, we can help you. Call One Tech can recover most data from your damaged hard drive or data that was accidentally deleted.

Common signs of data loss are error messages while attempting to turn on your computer such as “operating system not found”, “NTDLR is missing” , blue or screens of death. Other signs are: your computer is complaining about not being able to open certain files or your computer is making strange sounds, such as clicking. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should stop using your computer immediately and contact our data recovery specialists.

We can recover most data. However, in cases of abuse where the drive was used long after data loss symptoms were discovered, we may be unable to recover your data. Unnecessary wear will increase the cost of recovery and possibility of damaging data beyond repair. Our advice is to stop using the damaged drive immediately and contact us.

Throwing away your old computer or donating it to charity can be dangerous and lead to identity theft. Even if you have deleted your data and emptied the recycling bin or formatted your hard drive, chances are very high that your personal information can still be recovered. This recovered data can contain all of your personal files as well as passwords, Internet histories and more.

Call One Tech will give you peace of mind by securely erasing your hard drives using the same methods that the United States Department of Defense uses to securely dispose of its computer data. You will rest easy knowing that all of your data is safely destroyed, before disposing of or donating your computer to a worthy cause.

Our motherboard upgrade service includes the removal of your existing motherboard, the installation of a new motherboard and all supported hardware components as well as the reinstall and configuration of your operating system.

Motherboard upgrade service requires that you have or will purchase all the appropriate hardware such as case, CPU, RAM, power supply, video card, etc for the motherboard you have selected. The costs of operating system install media are not included and must be supplied by you in the event that your operating system must be reinstalled for optimal motherboard compatibility. This service does not include the purchase of a motherboard and is only for the installation and configuration of a motherboard you’re provided or purchased separately.

If your motherboard has failed, we will install the same model as your existing motherboard for you. You may either provide a motherboard for our installation or purchase the parts from us. We will remove and dispose of your dysfunctional motherboard as well as install the replacement and all required hardware .

Computer training sessions are billed in half-hour increments either on site or by phone with our remote support application. We offer training in basic use of your computer’s operating system (Windows, Mac and Linux) as well as use of devices such as printers, scanners, wireless routers, etc.

Advanced application training with programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Excel and various video editing applications have limited availability. Please contact us about your training needs and we will do our absolute best to help you reach your goal in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Wireless networking services include a technician installing your wireless router/access point as well as connecting up to three devices to your new wireless network. We will enable all appropriate security measures on your device to ensure your network is protected as well as perform a brief wireless site survey to ensure your network is configured for optimal performance.

Wireless networking equipment may be supplied for additional cost.

Call One Tech provides a wide range of networking services. We can help you set up your wired network in your home or new business, install a remote access solution or implement a wide range of security appliances. If you have outgrown your existing network and need to add capacity or would just like to securely connect and work on your network from out of the office, we have a solution to fit your needs.

Please contact us for a free estimate to complete your project.

Our technicians are able to diagnose or resolve a wide array of issues remotely from the comfort of your home or business. We are able to offer most of our services that do not include physical hardware installation or on-site advanced hardware diagnostics.

Call One Tech has the expertise to solve a wide range of issues. We will advise you on all matters from implementation to purchasing the best solutions that fits your needs and budget.

Do you have a project or product in mind without a clear path to bring it to reality? Do you just need second set of eyes to double check your project and be sure it’s optimized for success? Call One Tech Solutions has you covered. We will save you time and money by helping you select the correct fix, the first time around.

IT Services

Call One Tech Solutions offers a variety of IT services that can be performed onsite, in your home or business. We also offer remote support and equipment pick-up/drop-off services.

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