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The Client

The SNYPP Veterinary Clinic has been serving Pascoag, RI since 2004. Their signature Spay Neuter Your Pet Program (SNYPP) and mission to provide affordable veterinary care to the community has helped countless pets and pet owners.

Client's Goals

The Project

The SNYPP Veterinary Clinic was not satisfied with the company that created and managed their website. After numerous poor customer service experiences and high monthly fees, they were ready to take their business elsewhere. Unfortunately, the company that was hired to create their website refused to turn over the design files.

The previous hosting company had a predatory business model that is essentially based on holding their client’s website hostage. This company would charge a large fee to create a website and then continue to charge above market average hosting fees each month. Their policy was to never release the files for any website they were paid to create. This practice forced their clients to suffer from the high monthly fees or lose the website they had purchased if they attempted to switch to another hosting vendor.

Another side effect of this unsavory business model was the lack of client managed backups.  This meant that the only copy of the website resided on the hosting company’s server and could be permanently lost at any moment.

Our Solution

Assuming there was a simple misunderstanding, we first began communicating with SNYPP’s previous hosting company to resolve the issue. After speaking with four different representatives and a senior manager, we were no closer to a diplomatic resolution than when we started. We informed the hosting company that they were in violation of the GPL licensing agreement that governed the platform they had used to build the website, but they still refused to budge and release the files.

Services Provided

After reaching a dead end during negotiations with the previous hosting company, we decided the best course of action was to recreate the website by using the live web pages as a reference. We were successful at faithfully replicating the design of SNYPP’s website while implementing design revisions to better suit the needs of the clinic.


SNYPP Veterinary Clinic now has total control of their newly optimized website, We were also able to reduce their monthly hosting bill by 28% and now handle all future website maintenance needs.